• StaticPaint®

    Available in all colors. (Custom colors are available at no additional charge)
    Easy to apply. Standard paint application. (spray, brush or roll)

      • Eliminates static build-up on any surface
      • Durable low sheen matte finish
      • 1-part, acrylic water-based paint
      • Interior/exterior
      • No hot spots
      • Permanent conductivity
      • Anti-dust properties
      • Use on: concrete, wood, metal, sheetrock and plasterboard

    For custom color information, please click here to contact us.
    Made in the USA

  • FDA Paint

    FDA Paint


    Meets FDA requirements (21 CFR 175.300) for direct food contact.
    FDA Paint is non-conductive (insulative)

    FDA Paint is ideal for use on interior or exterior metal, wood, masonry/concrete, drywall and plaster surfaces. Ideal for use with structural steel, piping, tanks and equipment as well as the hard usage areas of food processing plants, dairies, silos, schools, hospitals, restaurants ,corridors, public housing and public buildings.

  • Nylon Multi-Color Antistatic™ Cable Ties

    Nylon anti-static cable ties are static dissipative in the range of 108 – 1010 ohms.

    • ROHS compliant, tamperproof, locks tightly, won’t stretch or slide
    • UL listed 6.6 nylon
    • Tensil strengths 18 lbs to 120 lbs
    • Create your own anti-static coding system

    • Available in natural white, static pink, colors and fluorescent

  • Static Strap

    Polypropolene strapping
    Static dissipative in the range of 104 – 105 ohms.

    • Available in 1/2” and 3/8”
    • 5,000 ft. per roll
    • ROHS compliant
    • No VOC’s, no ozone depleting chemicals

    • Can be recycled. Meets industry ANSI-ESD S541 standards.

      Tensil strength: ½” = 225 lbs.
      Tensil strength: 3/8” = 180 lbs.
      Melting point: 356F
      Color: black
      Core: 8”


    Anti-static gloves are ideal for the electronics industry.
    15 gauge knitted fabric, anti-static.
    Copper off white color.

    • Dust free
    • Soft fabric
    • Anti-static

    • Sizes: 6,7,8,9,10

  • Ground Hog Plate with Jo-Plug

    The only anti-static floor paint system available.

    • Quickly removes all built-up static charge to ground
    • Protects and removes static build-up from areas up to 5,000 sq. ft.
    • For use only with Static Paint® floors

  • Smart Sensor Meter

    Our Smart Sensor surface resistance meter measures the resistance value of a surface by placing two parallel electrodes on any surface substrate.

    Resistance range:
    103-105ohm – conductive
    106-1011ohm – static dissipative
    1012 ohm – insulative

    LCD display, temperature unit display, power on/of key, data hold key, back light key, minimum hold key, battery door (one 9V) ground wire jack input, contact probe.

    Economical and accurate way to measure the surface conductivity of your walls, floors, etc.

  • Quik-ΩHM™ Surface Resistance Meters

    Pocket size surface resistance meter

    Check various surfaces to verify if they are:

    • Conductive
    • Static Dissipative
    • Insulative
    • Convenient pocket size: 2.5” x 2” x .75”

    • Weighs only 1.5ozs
    • Smallest surface resistance meter on the market
    • 3 LED lights
    • Power test button

    • Made in the USA